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What makes a great event? Besides the guests.

In my experience an unforgettable event is made out of exquisite food, gripping atmosphere and smooth organization. And that is exactly what I want to offer. 

I'm Matty. A Swedish chef and a musician living my life here in Helsinki. 

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My Story

My name is Matty and welcome to my site.

I have cooked and played music in tandem my whole life and I would dare to say that I love them equally.

I grew up in a small farmers community in the south of Sweden about 20 km outside of Skånes capital of Malmö called Hököpinge.


I'm a product of a hard working cook mother and a car crazed mechanic father, 3 siblings, 12 cats and about 120 birds.

My father raised chickens and told me when I was young that I strut like a Rooster among his hens every time my mother had her girlfriends over. So the Rooster is a homage to my Daddy, the funniest man who is completely unbenounced to his comedy. He came home with a Mallard (A green headed duck) once and said that his wife died, so he was very depressed and needed a place to stay for a couple days. He stayed with us until he died of old age and went to Bird heaven many years later. This is my dad, utterly hilarious. The man who gave me my first guitar.

My mother was a stay at home mother for most of my childhood, cooked apple pie and made pancakes on sundays. A remarkable woman who sparked my interest in cooking together with my grandmother when I was little, we made so many pancakes when I was a child that I would probably hold a blackbelt if that's how we would rank it. My Mother, my biggest supporter and my toughest critic.. The toughest woman I know with a great sense of humor and self distance. She taught me how to bake bread and apple pie. 


I travelled the world in my mid twenties and ended up in Sydney, Australia.

I met my wife the first night in Sydney. I shared a room at the hostel with 4 weirdos and her being one of them!

The love of my life and the apple of my eye, the one who made me move to Finland back in 2014 with the quote "it's fine, everyone in finland speaks Swedish, so you'll fit right in!"...

My best friend who has now been a solid partner in crime for almost 10 years running. We share a beautiful daughter and a furry little sausage dog named Börje. So I guess i'm stuck here in the cold side of the north, so why not make lemonade and apple pie while we're at it!

Whatever you guys need, send me an email and we can probably sort it out. (Food and Music.. If you need some plumbing done you're on the wrong site...)

So thanks again for reading me, and have a wonderful morning, afternoon and evening!









I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Don't hesitate to contact me in any questions or inquiries you may have. I'm here to make it happen!

+358 45 270 77 32

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