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"A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe." - Thomas Keller

 I try to do everything in cooking with passion, joy and soul, because without passion, joy and soul, it's only fuel and nothing else.

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Cooking has been a part of me my whole life, my grandmother was not only my grandmother but also a cooking grand wizard, so my interest in cooking started very early, some of my most dear memories is cooking with my mother and grandmother.

I graduated from culinary school back in 2005 and worked the local scene in my birth city of Malmö and Copenhagen until late 2013. On a whim I decided to go traveling and moved to Australia where I was souschefing all over the East coast.  

I met my wife in Sydney and 9 months later we moved to Helsinki where we've been residing since 2014. 

I ran Lihakauppa Roslund in Hietalahti from 2014-2017, we won a couple awards such as "best burger" from Burger Lovers Finland among others.


I started my first catering business called Food by Gibson in 2017 so subsequently I left Roslund to pursue my dream and the same summer we did Ruisrock with my brand 3 Waco Tacos which went quite well, selling around 10 000 tacos in 3 days.


Food by Gibson hit the ground running and did some pretty sizeable caterings together with ToDo Tapahtumat such as Itis Winter Party where we catered to several hundreds of guests as well as Magnussons Law firm. Food by Gibson was primarily focusing on cocktail events, with flavors from the North hidden inside of French execution.   

I sold Food by Gibson to Bali Brunch in late 2018 and moved to Stockholm for my wife to chase her dreams. I worked most notably on Silja Symphony until the Covid pandemic came and closed my beloved industry down. We decided to move back to Helsinki in 2020 to have our beautiful daughter and be closer to friends and family.

I became in the midst of the global pandemic the headchef at Naughty Burger Lönkka in early 2020 and worked there until late 2022 when I chose to move on to new challenges.


And here we are. I dusted off my dream to make something for myself in my beloved industry, hence Rockin' Rooster being born. I want to invite people to my passion and my love for cooking and be the only one responsible for the outcome. I love cooking. I thank you for finding me and reading this and if there is anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Thank you,


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